Aaron's Path A journey of happiness and financial independence

The beginning of the journey

I’ve journaled for a long time, and felt that it would be valuable to share my journey with you, dear readers.

By 2015 I had accumulated close to $175,000 in debt. About half in student loans, and another half in consumer debt.

Yes, I was a spendy-mc-spenderson. I wasn’t happy and thought that I would find happiness by owning the nicest camera, best bicycle, fastest computer, and of course a luxury car too… I was drowning in the trap of consumerism.

Thankfully, I learned a little bit about financial independence, the role of happiness in a persons life, and the value of minimalism.

I think that my journey is not entirely unique. We all have to start somewhere. I may have shot myself in the foot in terms of getting a head start, but the joy of the journey is in the walking of it. It is about the direction and not the destination. So I’m glad to share this with you, and hope you find value in this blog.